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Mat's a successful real estate investor, author and social media influencer. He began investing in real estate at the age of 22 and became a self made MULTI millionaire by the age of 30 - all with none of his own money!


But it wasn’t always that way. Mat came from a lower middle class family like most people. He was taught to work hard and trade time for money.


After high school, he immediately got into construction and completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter. With being obsessed with real estate investing and now knowing how to renovate homes, he wanted to pursue his investing path further.


At the age of 21, he started his own business renovating strictly for real estate investors. While he loved the type of work he was doing, he knew long term this wasn’t his life’s path.


The more renovations he did for his clients, they all said the same thing. “Mat, I wish you were a realtor! You know how to renovate homes, you know how to budget for them, you understand cash flow - I wish you were my realtor! These other realtors don’t understand the business like us!”


This led Mat to think about getting bud license. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense for his long term vision.


As he grew his client base as a realtor, still only specializing with investors, he began attracting more people who not only wanted to work him as a client - but to actually buy WITH him as a passive partner.


As Mat’s business grew over the years, he has now bought and sold over 100 properties with partners, using NONE of his own money. He’s raised over 50 million dollars for these deals, ALL from social media! 


Mat is now a leading authority on real estate investing loves helping his clients, partners and subscribers on how to live a fruitful life thanks to real estate investing. 

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