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$101,465 IN 4 months: How I Did It

Making over $100k from just ONE flip is enough to make a person go crazy!

Remember - it all starts with cosmetics.

It may be worth renovating the kitchen, bathroom, walls, and "shiny" objects in a real estate flip rather than focusing on the foundations.

Here are some good reasons:

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#1. Aesthetics

Updating the kitchen, bathroom, walls, and other shiny objects can make a property more visually appealing to potential buyers...

Which can help to increase its value anad make it more attractive on the market!

#2. Functionality

Renovating these areas can also improve the functionality of the property, making it more convenient and comfortable for potential buyers to live in.

For example, updating the kitchen can make it more efficient and modern, while renovating the bathroom can improve the plumbing and make it more comfortable to use.

Old-style washrooms are pretty gross... So there is a practical value in doing this.

#3. Higher ROI

Investing in very acute cosmetic updates can often result in a WAYY higher return on investment (ROI) than focusing on foundations!

While foundations are important, they are not as visible to potential buyers and may not have as much impact on the property's value.

#4. Market demand

Finally, it's worth considering the demand for properties in the local market and what buyers are looking for.

If there is high demand for properties with updated kitchens and bathrooms, then investing in these renovations can be a smart move.

In general, it's important to consider the balance between making necessary repairs and upgrades to the property and making investments that will provide a good ROI.

It may be worth consulting with a real estate professional or contractor to help determine the best course of action!

Check out my Instagram @matpiche for deeper insights!

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