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Reading 100 Self-Help Books: My Insights

#1. Believe and you shall receive

People often say that belief is the key to success because it can have a strong effect on how a person acts and behaves...

I'm one of these people.

When you really believe in something, you are more likely to keep going after it, even when things get hard when you face setbacks!

It's also going to make you more cognizant of opportunities all around you.

When you believe in yourself and your skills, you are more likely to have the confidence and determination you need to overcome problems and reach your goals.

Overall, belief is important for success because it can inspire and motivate a person to take action and pursue their goals with conviction and determination.

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#2. Start with the hard work FIRST

By tackling the hardest tasks first thing in the morning, you can get them out of the way and avoid the risk of procrastination.

This can help you to be more productive and efficient throughout the day.

Once you have completed a difficult task, it can be easier to move on to other tasks and make progress on your to-do list.

Not just that - starting your day with a sense of accomplishment can help to boost your confidence and motivation for the rest of the day.

This can make it easier to tackle other tasks and challenges that come your way.

#3. Get your money right

Money is valuable because it is a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value.

Overall, money is an important resource for real estate investors as it is needed to purchase and maintain properties,...

And to cover various expenses related to owning and managing rental properties.

Once you get this taken care of then we're all solid!

#4. Take care of body and mind

Your body has a built-in system for regulating food intake based on hunger and fullness cues.

At the back of your mind... You already know what you need to eat, without a diet book to tell you.

When you are hungry, your body releases hormones that signal to your brain that you need to eat.

When you are full, your body releases other hormones that signal to your brain that you are satisfied and don't need to eat anymore.

Paying attention to these cues can help you understand when your body needs more or less food.

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